Joe (Mom’s Version)

Happy Birthday Mom! I’m almost past midnight but I think I can get this up while your birthday remains. This is another of Mom’s tributes to Joe.


Billy Mark Kesler

Little girls are special,

but boys are Number One,

Especially, when a boy is

the ONE and ONLY SON!

You came into this world,

with a big voluminous voice,

First born of a set of twins.

No doubt, that was your choice.

You were such a paradox,

a blue eyed baby boy,

Skin so fair, and not much hair,

we were overcome with joy.

Except for the blue eyes,

You looked exactly like your dad.

You had the same sweet smiling face,

that he always had.

With two girls in the family,

you felt, you were abused

“I hate those mean old girls,”

was the phrase, you often used.

When, your turn to say grace,

the girls would always moan.

They knew once you started,

you’d go on, and on, and on.

We thought you’d be a lawyer.

You loved to talk, and how!

You ended every argument

with, “But yeah, but yeah, but yeah!”

When you went out for baseball,

the kids called you a ‘runt’. But, you showed them, I guess.

You taught them how to bunt.

When you went out for wrestling,

I thought my heart would break.

I was afraid that you’d get hurt.

But, you proved what you could take.

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