To Diane

Little girls are special,
Somehow, mothers know.
And the years confirmed it,
As I watched you grow.

I loved it when you clung to me,
Oh, such a little girl.
It was to me a special time,
To share your childhood world.

As I kissed away the hurts,
And dried your childish tears.
I prayed I could protect you
From life’s heartaches and fears.

When you put away your dolls,
And shelved your favorite toys,
When you wore your first high heels,
And – when you discovered boys ­

I had such mixed emotions.
I was excited, yet, felt sad.
I had to let you grow up, and
Lose the little girl, I’d had.

I tried to understand it,
Why -life had to hurry,
But, I soon discovered
There was no need to worry.

You grew up to be the woman,
That I knew you would.
You have made me feel as proud
As any mother could.

I’ve wept through all your troubles,
I’ve rejoiced with all your joy.
And I felt the pain of birth
Of your robust baby boy.

Again the pain and triumph
When your baby girl was born.
And when your marriage shattered,
How could I help but mourn?

I’ve longed to take your heartache.
And bear it all for you.
But you have finally made it,
Just because you’re YOU!



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