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12 years ago today on April 12, 1999, Joe left this plane.  It had been a long week since the doctor had told me there was nothing more which could be done.  I had fallen asleep next to him on the bed. Norma and Anita were keeping watch.  Joe was Norma’s only son and it …

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Devin the Copilot

Mom wrote the Copilot about Devin when he began flying.  As most of you know he is now a Colonel (not sure which level so I won’t put anything.)  Diane found this and the hernia poem in a box of Mom’s stuff which had been stored at her house. Just one of many more to …

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Joe’s Hernia

Norma wrote this poem when Joe had a hernia while we were living in PA.  He had two but I don’t remember if both were in PA or not.  The second surgery required the mesh to be applied.  That’s what happens when you lift around on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The Operation shows her sense …

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