(Billy Mark Kesler)

Little girls are special,

but boys are Number One.

Especially, when a boy is

the ONE and ONLY SON!

You came into this world,

with a big, voluminous voice.

First born of a set of twins,

no doubt, that was your choice.

You were such a paradox,

a blue eyed baby boy,

With skin so fair, and not much hair,

we were overcome with joy.

Except for your blue eyes,

you looked just like your POP.

And, that bright and smiling face?

That – from him you got.

With two girls in the family,

you sometimes felt abused.

“Mom, I hate those mean old girls,”

was the phrase, you often used.

When your turn to say grace,

the girls would start to moan.

They knew, once you got started,

you’d go on, and on, and on.

We thought you’d be a lawyer.

You loved to talk, and how!

You ended every argument

with, “But yea, but yeah, but yeah!”

You went out for all the sports.

You wrestled, played baseball.

But, you were disappointed

when we said, “No football.”

I remember the chicken pox,

that left you with a scar.

I remember your first bike,

and the wreck with your first car.

Remember when you learned to ski?

You were a skiing fool.

Remember when you first left home,

to go away to school?

Then, there was your marriage

to the girl you long had known.

You gave your name to her two boys,

and loved them as your own.

A beautiful daughter of your own,

was the icing on the cake.

But, when your health and marriage broke,

you didn’t run or break.

You’ve picked up the pieces,

made your place in business too.

And, luckily, you’ve found

the perfect ONE for you.

I hope the love and guidance,

we gave along the way,

Have helped you make decisions,

as a man you make today.

And, if POP could be here with us,

he’d praise you, long and loud.

YOU are all he’d hoped for.

Like I, he would be proud!

MOM – N.K.L.


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