A man retires, he does lots of relaxing.

A woman retires, she’s still cleaning and waxing.

She still does the cooking, and washing the dishes. A man retires, he hunts and he fishes.

He golfs with his buddies. While stories they’re swapping, she’s trying to find time for the grocery shopping.

She washes the windows. She vacuums the floors.

The washing and ironing are some of her chores.

She carries out garbage, pail after pail.

She takes care of the bills, and sorts out the mail.

She washes the car, and fills it with gas.

She weeds, and feeds, and mows all the grass.

She cleans all the flower beds, rakes all the leaves, plants all the flowers, and trims all the trees.

She took care of the kids, and helped earn the living. Although she’s retired, she’s still busy care-giving.

She will probably outlive him, a fact widely known, and live out her last years, completely alone.

She prays, at the end of her allotted life span,

if she’s reincarnated, she’ll come back as a man!


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