Beaurtiful sky by Roberta

Happy 99 Mom!

The last 15 years have gone rather quickly. It would have been #99 for you here in this place.

2020 was a challenging year for the world. A pandemic changed life as we knew it (still trying to get back to normal) and I became eligible for Medicare. What a year?

Winter treeIn October 2020, Mom was joined by another of her children. Vicky Lynn Kesler Foree passed away unexpectedly on October 20, 2020. I’m sure her welcoming committee on the other side was large.

Vicki did everything large so the ice storm which blew in on the day she was put to rest was not shocking. It began just a we gathered in the chapel to say goodbye. You are missed dear friend but I know you’re having fun with Nanaw, Tataw, Mom, Pop, Auntie Bea, Joe, Don, Bernice, Linda, Don Jr. and Mick. Too many others to list even if I could remember all of their names.

Maybe I will get back to posting more of Mom’s musings this year……

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