Happy Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day has come and is almost gone. Another day you’re on our minds and all we have are wonderful memories which must do.

It’s been over a year since Dee brought another tub of your stuff and a few weeks ago, I ran across it. There was a lot to go through and some I’ll never know but I pulled out a few pages which will eventually make it here.

As everyone knows, you had a lot of treasures. I found the following poem about them.


So many years, I’ve spent collecting
my precious treasure trove.
Important things sometimes neglected,
as I rummaged, and I drove.

How can I measure all the pleasure,
derived from these treasured things?
It’s not the value of the treasure,
it’s the memory each one brings.

Now, when I die, as is expected,
it will truly be a shame.
I’ll take nothing with me, I’ve collected,
except perhaps, my name!


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