Pop and Joe

My Bill

My Bill

I’ve written poems for each of our children,

and a poem for your mother, too.

A poem about most of our kittens,

and about some friends that we knew.

I’ve written about some of the good times,

and the fun that we had long ago.

I’ve written about far away places,

that we promised ourselves, we would go.

I could write a most beautiful poem

About all of the wonderful years,

Before God took you so quietly.

But how can I write about tears?

Tears that would fill all the oceans,

fill all the rivers and lakes.

Tears that never cease flowing

when a heart shatters and breaks.

I’ve tried to put my life in order,

doing the things people do.

There aren’t enough words for a poem.

Adjectives? There are so few.

You’re with me each waking moment.

You’re close beside, when I sleep.

True love, we shared with each other

and there is no poem so sweet!


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