Long name, huh? Well when Bill was a child and someone asked his name, this is what he would say without a pause or taking a breath. The writing by this name was written by Norma in the eighties and updated in 1991 after what I assume she felt was a stable point in his life. I hope to find the original version in her papers. I have seen it but not recently. I seem to recall that it was more open ended. Bill died in 1999. I’ve been told that losing a child is one of the hardest things a parent will be challenged to survive. Norma lost two husbands and then a son during her lifetime.

But, those “mean old girls” that Mom writes about are still alive and kicking! Still being “mean old girls” but now they’re really old!  Now I’ll know who’s really reading this blog. :-)Hello sisters!

Update: Vicki, the oldest, passed away in 2020. She is missed.

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