The Clocks

They are round or square or short or tall.
There are too many clocks, to hang on the wall.

Some are on tables. Some are on shelves.
Some have to stand on the floor by themselves.

They are unusual. Some strike and/or chime.
Some do nothing more than, keep time.

Some have a bell. on each hour, it rings
On some, a cuckoo bird jumps out and sings.

Some tell the hours, and also the days
And some have a quaint little tune that plays.

Clocks from Switzerland, Italy, and France.
From Germany, England – we don’t miss a chance.

Some handed down from generations ago,
By the forefathers that we didn’t know.

They’re wood, and marble, and bronze, and brass.
They’re iron, and china, and clean beveled glass.

Each has a beauty that makes it unique.
Some, of an age that makes them antique.

Clocks on tables, walls, shelves, and floor.
But we can always find room for one more.

Norma Kesler Lawrence

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