Norma’s Writing

Various pieces from Norma’s collection.

Johnny Reb the Cat

Johnny Reb was the cat Mom moved with her from Tulsa to OKC. As the story goes, she didn’t want to leave him but didn’t know if it would be okay to take him. She didn’t really want a pet but, as they tend to do, Johnny Reb made himself at home. Mom was so …

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The latest addition to the collection is Retirement? It’s not dated and I don’t know exactly when it was written but it really puts the retirement thing into perspective. I hope you enjoy this latest addition and I plan to post more soon!

The First Short Story

Yeah, I’ve posted the first short story. It’s called the Littlest Tiger and it’s about nobody in particular. Yeah right!  We all know it’s a story about Joe. I’m not sure exactly when Mom wrote it but this typewritten version was completed while she lived in Tulsa. She moved back to OKC in the early …

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