Norma’s Writing

Various pieces from Norma’s collection.

Happy Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day has come and is almost gone. Another day you’re on our minds and all we have are wonderful memories which must do. It’s been over a year since Dee brought another tub of your stuff and a few weeks ago, I ran across it. There was a lot to go through and …

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To Diane

Little girls are special, Somehow, mothers know. And the years confirmed it, As I watched you grow. I loved it when you clung to me, Oh, such a little girl. It was to me a special time, To share your childhood world. As I kissed away the hurts, And dried your childish tears. I prayed …

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Joe’s Hernia

Norma wrote this poem when Joe had a hernia while we were living in PA. He had two but I don’t remember if both were in PA or not. The second surgery required the mesh to be applied. That’s what happens when you lift around on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The Operation shows her sense …

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