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  1. Being a “Kesler” has always meant alot to me. My mother and dad and my grandparents were always very close. Nanaw and Tataw were very special grandparents and I have never met anyone like them. They loved their grandkids and always spent a lot of time with us. I learned to cook with Nanaw and how to love people as she did. She was always helping someone or doing something for someone. She loved her son and her husband very much and you could see that in her. My mother was very special to Nanaw too. She was her daughter-in-love, thats what Nanaw always called her. Her and Mom were very close and worked together in the family business. All four of them very close .We a had a lot of fun growing up in our family and not only that we lived right next door to each other on N.W.34 St.

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