Mom (continued)

Mom wanted her cat poems and stories to be published together and they are first on the list.

There were words she never wrote because they caused her too much pain. Pain that she carried with her every day of her life from 1973 – 2006. Pain she felt others didn’t understand, couldn’t understand because they hadn’t lost what she had. A husband and a son to cancer, each in their early 50’s and a second husband Frank to a form of blood cancer in the 1990’s. She loved spending time with her sister Doris at South Padre but couldn’t bear to go there after Doris died a few years ago.

I assured her that where she is going, she’ll understand the hows and whys of everything. Everything will make sense to her and she’ll be there watching us trying to get it right!

Visiting her home was like walking into a well decorated museum of clocks and collectibles. Sleeping there was a challenge to those who were not accustomed to clocks chiming at odd times throughout the night. At one time she had collected over 90 clocks from all over the world.

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  1. I always loved going to Mom’s, you could always hear what time it was no matter where in the house you were. I loved hearing all the clocks.Mother even found one that had my birthday on it. Mark has it hanging in his house. I didn’t have anymore wall space to hang it.So I thought ah!! my oldest son can hang it in his house. You see it as you walk in their front door.

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