Mom (continued again)

(This is a reprint from the original site)

Norma and I had lots of late night talks, often into the wee hours of the morning. I missed out on a lot because I didn’t come into the family until 1984. She told me tales of everyone in the family so beware, I may know something about you that you don’t know I know. 🙂 Did you have to read that twice?

As it was with lots of older writings before computers, she used a lot of pencil. This has caused much of the material to be unreadable after all of these years so I am not sure how much more I can recover.

Thanks Mom, for welcoming me into the family and treating me like a daughter even though I was just tagging along with “Joe.”

And to all of you who thought this would never happen, gotcha! This is 3/11 the day before Norma’s birthday. Okay, so it took me 6 months!

Check back soon for more & enjoy reading!

PS I found another box, just have to get through them.

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