Pop and Joe

My Bill

My Bill I’ve written poems for each of our children, and a poem for your mother, too. A poem about most of our kittens, and about some friends that we knew. I’ve written about some of the good times, and the fun that we had long ago. I’ve written about far away places, that we […]

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8 Years, How They Fly!

9 birthdays since she left and so much has happened she has missed. I really don’t feel that she’s missed anything. I think she is watching over all of her loved ones with a host of helpers, all of the ones who passed before. Mom, Pop, Joe, Nanaw, Tataw and too many others I to

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Joe (Mom’s Version)

Happy Birthday Mom! I’m almost past midnight but I think I can get this up while your birthday remains. This is another of Mom’s tributes to Joe. ‘JOE, Billy Mark Kesler Little girls are special, but boys are Number One, Especially, when a boy is the ONE and ONLY SON! You came into this world,

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